For safety purposes, we ask that all new students arrive 10 minutes before the class starts for a proper instructor introduction and M3X orientation. If you have not been on a Megaformer before and are unable to make it to class at least 5 minutes early, you will not be permitted to enter. Thank you in advance for understanding!


Sticky socks must be worn at all times on the Megaformer. All personal belongings (i.e. shoes, jackets, bags, etc.) should be secured in lockers. If you need to bring your cell phone into the studio, please keep it on silent and quietly leave the class if you need to have a conversation.



Sales of class packages are final. You may not resell any classes purchased to a third party. Credits are all subject to the cancellation policy. Package expiration dates vary by product type and should be noted at time of purchase. Instructor coverage is subject to change without notice. All clients must sign a waiver prior to their first class.


Cancellation windows vary by package type. Depending on the package, your cancellation window is either 10 or 12 hours from the scheduled class start time. If you cancel within the appropriate window, you can cancel without penalty. If you do not cancel prior to the required time a late cancel fee will be charged to your account. If you are scheduled for class and do not attend, a no show fee will be charged to your account. Classes should be canceled online, if you are having an issue with online cancellation, please email for assistance.


Please plan to arrive 5 minutes before the start of your scheduled class. If you are not at the studio when the class starts and you have not notified us that you are on your way, your spot will be given to a standby client and you will be charged for a late cancel. If no one claims your spot, you are welcome to join us up to ten minutes after your scheduled class time.


If a class you would like to take is full, we recommend putting yourself on the waitlist. If a spot opens up, you will be notified by email, text, or phone depending on the preference set in your profile. Please remove yourself from the waitlist if you no longer plan on joining the class. The cancellation window still applies to spots on the waitlist. If you are added to a class from the waitlist and fail to remove yourself or contact us in time, you will lose the class credit and/or a fee will apply. You must have sufficient credit in your account to claim a spot on the waitlist.


We pride ourselves on building and maintaining a strong community of members and non-members alike. We believe in social responsibility and caring and contributing to others in need. If you are involved with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and would like to inquire about hosting your next class or fundraising event at Tight Dallas, please contact for more details.