Meet the Mega

This 30-minute complimentary class was designed for beginners. In this instructional lesson, you will get acquainted with the Megaformer and learn the principles of the Lagree Method. Workout attire is recommended as clients will have time to experience the Megaformer and become comfortable with it.

Megaformer 101

This 45-minute lesson is ideal for clients new to TIGHT and the Lagree Method who want to learn the essential moves on the Megaformer. This class focuses on a specific sequence of foundational exercises that allow you to learn and perfect the proper form and technique. Megaformer 101 moves at a slow pace, allowing the trainer to provide one-on-one instruction to every participant.

Megaformer Total Body

TIGHT’s signature high-intensity low-impact training was designed to work your entire body.  This class combines strength, endurance, core, and cardio exercises into an efficient 45-minute workout. 

Tight @ Night

If you like upbeat classes with a lot of variety, Tight at Night delivers the classes for you. Our Tight at Night instructors love themed classes, playlists, and using unique sets to keep things challenging.