Rusty’s passion for fitness stems from years of competing in gymnastics, tennis, and softball. Her experience as Associate Director of Pharmacy Services at a local hospital has taught her that flexibility and strength are essential for injury prevention. You will leave Rusty’s classes feeling empowered, motivated, and encouraged regardless of age and ability. Rusty brings her passion, fierceness, love, and athleticism to every class.

Favorite Move: Dancing Bear and Cobra


Katie has been passionate about health and fitness her whole life. As she practiced varied sports during her childhood in Chicago, she has a great understanding of the human body and how to prevent and recover from injuries, which she incorporates into each class. Being a Clemson graduate with over four years of marketing experience, Katie has combined her passion for fitness and marketing to serve and lead TIGHT not only as an instructor but also as the Marketing Director. After falling in love with the Lagree Method while living in Atlanta, Katie has found it to continually challenge and change her body.

Favorite Move: French Twist


A Texas native, Fertility Scientist and UNT graduate, Sue strives to make every class fun and enjoyable for all skill levels. Sue has been active in the Pilates community for almost 10 years, teaching at multiple studios in the DFW metroplex before falling in love with TIGHT. She found pilates, specifically the lagree method, after a string of injuries from BMX riding and distance cycling. Pilates has helped reverse and prevent any further injury from her thrill seeking ways while keeping her in the best shape of her life mentally and physically. She has combined her passion for overall healthy living, human anatomy, and just love of people to make her classes unique and challenging for every individual. Get ready for a sweat and shake that will leave you smiling.

Favorite Exercise: Giant Dancing Bear


Being a registered nurse specializing in orthopedics, Caroline loves incorporating her nursing knowledge to focus on proper body mechanics for recovery and injury prevention. She has practiced Pilates for years and recently transitioned from nursing to working in the studio to become a Lagree instructor. With meticulous attention to detail, form, and mechanics, Caroline will elevate your mind and body’s fitness expectation.

Favorite Move: Giant Reverse Kneeling Crunch


Natalie is a Dallas native (and Texas Longhorn) who fell in love with fitness after becoming a spin instructor in 2019. She is continuing her journey with Lagree and loves a challenge! She has a passion for music and enjoys making playlists that are motivating and fun. After 10 years in the advertising industry, Natalie is currently pursuing her passion for residential real estate and interior design. Fun fact: she has a sneaker addiction when she’s not in grip socks.

Favorite Move: Bungee


Lindsey, a Dallas native with over 8 years of experience teaching, training, and shaking on the Megaformer. Lindsey has always had a passion for health and fitness and a love for people. She has taught a variety of classes from Lagree, Pilates, to HIIT. She brings with her advanced Lagree training she received in California at Lagree Headquarters. Lindsey loves how every move requires full attention to your body, mind, and how moving with intention really takes you to another level of mindfulness. Expect her classes to strengthen, tone, and challenge you.


Christine is a Dallas native, business owner, and mom of four.  She started Lagree to cross-train for her true passion, running, and loves the results.   Christine has never met a stranger, and loves getting to know all of our clients!   
Favorite Move: Anything Arms! 


Chris has a passion for fitness which led him to start a personal training career last year. His goal is to develop strategies on how to help others find a connection with their fitness goals/journeys. Chris was born in South Korea and grew up in the Pacific Northwest in Tacoma, WA. He went Centerary College of Shreveport, LA where he played tennis for 2 years and graduated with degrees in Accounting and Finance. Chris moved to Dallas in 2009 and currently works at Ernst & Young when he’s not in the studio. He loves traveling, all Asian cuisines, and volleyball. 
Favorite Move: kneeling crunch